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ASP.NET Scheduling

WebPlanner is a first-class ASP.NET control for implementing a broad range of planning and scheduling solutions. Whether a project requires the creation of a single-user Personal Information Management (PIM) application or time planning for multiple resources such as hotel rooms, rental cars, and university courses, the WebPlanner provides an open, highly-configurable interface that will suit the project's needs. Because WebPlanner is browser-based, it is perfect for best cheap vps hosting and applications supporting users connected via an intranet or the Internet.

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Various assets and numerous modes

WebPlanner underpins dynamic survey of various assets and booked things in an assortment of modes. Things can be planned at any granularity of time inside a day see. More extensive pictures of allotted assets and arrangements can be had by means of the day time frame, month, multi-month, course of events, and week sees. These modes are accessible through a solitary WebPlanner control put on a page.

WebPlanner likewise incorporates a MonthPlanner control that showcases occasions for a whole month in a manner like a divider logbook.

Simplified help

Clients think that its simple to collaborate with WebPlanner. On the off chance that a man needs to move a booked arrangement starting with one schedule opening then onto the next, or even starting with one day then onto the next, they can do as such by tapping on the arrangement and dragging it to the coveted availability. On the off chance that the length of an arrangement should be changed, the client can resize the arrangement utilize one of the two track bars situated at the top and base of the occasion.

Adaptable database bolster

WebPlanner is inexactly combined with its information and backings the recovery and refresh of planning data situated in existing databases. By essentially interfacing the WebPlanner to a SqlClientDataStore segment, the WebPlanner will recover data from Microsoft SQL Server. On the off chance that a venture needs to utilize another database motor, the SqlClientDataStore can be immediately supplanted with the OleDbDataStore part. For demos or single client applications, utilize the XmlDataStore part to have the WebPlanner oversee information in a nearby XML document using a DataSet. In view of the DataStore engineering, custom DataStores might be made and utilized with WebPlanner as fundamental.

Security reconciliation

WebPlanner coordinates well with an application's current security structure and is superbly suited for open and private sites. For open utilization, the whole WebPlanner might be set apart as read-as it were. For circumstances where the client is verified, the individual gatherings and arrangements might be designed as perused just or read-compose in view of the client's privileges. For illustration, restorative patients could plan their own particular arrangements utilizing the Internet. The internet meeting room case demonstrates to you industry standards to actualize a part based security framework.

Customization benevolent

WebPlanner is utilized as a part of a wide assortment of circumstances and our clients have observed it to be very flexible. We've attempted to show up and conduct of the WebPlanner and MonthPlanner controls as adaptable as could be expected under the circumstances. For instance, you can have WebPlanner summon your own web frames when the client makes or alters an occasion (e.g., meeting, arrangement). You can likewise control the presence of every single occasion, choose a for each occasion premise regardless of whether they can cover or be twofold reserved, whether they can be resized, moved, or erased. You can choose whether the time hub is shown on the left, right, top, or base and indicate the hues, interim, and organization of the circumstances. There are much more alternatives accessible. It would be ideal if you attempt the demo adaptation to see with your own eyes.

Advanced for the web

WebPlanner is data transfer capacity benevolent. We invested a great deal of energy diminishing the measure of HTML the server controls convey to the customer program. WebPlanner additionally bolsters the reserving of customer side JavaScript on the client's machine so that the JS is downloaded just once.

Support for User Controls

Numerous applications exploit User Controls for measured quality or depend on existing systems, for example, DotNetNuke. WebPlanner has been utilized effectively inside DotNetNuke and different structures. It's utilization inside User Controls is completely bolstered and completely practical.

Browsers Support

WebPlanner supports the following browsers:


  • IE 5.5 +
  • FireFox
  • Mozilla
  • Opera
  • Safari
Online Demos

Check out the online examples.

Download examples source code.

Royalty-free licensing

WebPlanner is authorized on a for every designer premise. When you purchase an item, you get the full arrangement of usefulness. There are no run time conveyance expenses, no server licenses, no eminences, and no additional expenses. More information about licensing

Full Source Code Available

The Subscription and Premium Edition licenses of WebPlanner accompanied finish C# source code for both the run time and configuration time gatherings. WebPlanner works similarly well with VB.NET, C#, and Delphi.

Developer's Guide

WebPlanner's classes, properties, strategies, and occasions are recorded and the online help incorporates into the Integrated Development Environment (IDE). WebPlanner is likewise conveyed with a valuable and informative Developer's Guide in PDF organize. It demonstrates to you industry standards to begin and covers an assortment of points including propelled elements, for example, making a custom shape for review and altering arrangements and gatherings.

Possible uses for WebPlanner

Arrangement booking for therapeutic and dental workplaces

Inn reservations

Auto rentals

Course booking

Asset assignment

Meeting room reservations

Process booking

Stacking dock accessibility

Group Licenses

For Team License (5 Developers) please click here.

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